FRP Fasteners

The main characteristics of FRP pultrusion profiles are that the FRP profiles can be designed, which makes it have a broad application prospect and play a greater role in the anti-corrosion industry.
1 corrosion resistance. FRP pultrusion products have excellent anti-corrosion function, and can withstand the corrosion of various gas and liquid media such as acid, alkali, organic solvent and salts to different degrees. According to the media type and temperature requirements of practical application, there are o-benzene type, m-benzene type and vinyl type for selection and operation. 
2 light weight and high strength. The glass fiber content of FRP pultrusion products is higher than that of other composite forming technologies, so the longitudinal strength is very high, which is equivalent to that of steel. The density of pultrusion profiles is only about one quarter of that of steel, so the specific strength is much higher than that of steel. The modulus of pultrusion profiles is lower than that of steel, generally only 1 / 7-1 / 10 of that of steel.
3 anti-aging. FRP pultrusion products are made of high-quality thermosetting resin and fiberglass system. Different from general thermoplastic, the normal service life of the products can reach 20 years. The best anti-aging effect can be obtained by adding UV resistant agent and polyester fiber felt.
4 easy to maintain. Glass fiber reinforced plastic pultrusion products are made by distributing pigment into resin. The color of products can be distributed according to customers' needs. It is not easy to fade, does not need paint protection and has self-cleaning effect.
5 excellent electromagnetic function. FRP pultrusion products have excellent electrical insulation, no electromagnetism and electric spark. They can be used in areas with conductive hazards and active magnetism, as well as flammable and explosive places.