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Sticking to the composites industry leader

Sticking to the composites industry leader

Nanjing Olympic Sports Suning Plaza, Jiangsu Province
The Olympic Sports Suning Plaza project belongs to the second phase of Hexi CBD. It is located in the center of Hexi CBD and covers an area of 32,900 square meters with a total construction area of 460,000 square meters. It is invested and developed by Suning Real Estate Group. The main structure of the project has a total of 88 floors and a height of 400 meters, which will refresh the current height record of the main structure of Nanjing skyscrapers and become "the first building of Jiangsu". In terms of road reinforcement, fiber reinforced plastics are used instead of traditional steel bars in the road reinforcement of Suning Plaza. The construction is fast, the bearing capacity is large, and the corrosion resistance is obvious.
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Part application in Canada & America
The durability of the bridge deck directly affects the life and maintenance costs of the bridge. The use of composite bar paving can effectively avoid the corrosion of salt and ice.
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Trams in Huaian
The total length of the first phase of Huai'an Modern Tram is about 20.3 kilometers. All lines are ground lines, with a total of 23 stations, with an average station spacing of 923 meters and a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. The whole track bed uses fiberglass reinforcement (GFRP) instead of steel bars in some track circuit sections.
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Automated Terminal of ShanghaiYangshan Port
Located on the deep sea port area of ​​Shanghai Ocean Mountain outside the mouth of Hangzhou Bay, it is composed of dozens of islands such as Dayangshan and Xiaoyangshan. It is the first port in China to be built on an island. Yangshan Port is about 32 kilometers northwest of Shanghai's Nanhui Luchao Port and about 90 kilometers south of Ningbo Beilun Port. It is only 45 nautical miles away from international routes. It is the closest deep-water port to Shanghai and has become a new coordinate for Shanghai International Shipping Center.
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