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Sticking to the composites industry leader

Sticking to the composites industry leader

Grating, Platform & Guardrail
FRP platform and guardrail, which is composed of FRP grating, pultrusion profile and molded connector, is widely used in chemical, marine and electric engineering.
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FRP Board Walk
The boardwalk, suspension bridge and channel in the tourist area, park, leisure place and residence community are usually made by steel, wood and plastic. Corrosion of steel, perishable and forest consume of wood, low strength and deformation of plastic limited their application. The FRP boardwalk developed bionic technology, wear non-slip structure, with high strength, light weight, anti-deformation, rich color and pattern, easy assembly, long life, no maintenance, environmental protection and other advantages. It overcomes the problems of traditional steel, wood, plastic.
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FRP Grainy Board
Special designed FRP grainy board has wood grain surface, buckle assembly structure. Combined the advantages of wood and FRP. It is a good choice for cabin, external wall of building.
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Maritime Engineering
FRP material has been widely used in structural reinforcement and engineering transformation at home and abroad in recent years because of its advantages such as light weight, high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance and good durability. With the deepening of research work and the improvement of calculation and analysis methods, FRP materials will be widely used in engineering structures.
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Polyurethane cable tray
Polyurethane composite cable tray is a polymer composite material, which is composed of resin, carbon fiber and other materials. It has the advantages of superior electrical insulation performance, good anti-corrosion performance and flame retardant performance, high strength, light weight, long service life, easy installation and so on. Therefore, this product can be used in different areas, different conditions, different development needs.
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Traffic composite material
As early as 1970s, the United States and other developed countries have begun to develop and use the glass fiber reinforced plastic shield system in the field of rail transit. In China's subway construction, the cities that have adopted and plan to adopt FRP protective covers include Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Kunming, etc. with the rapid development of rail transit, the market potential is huge。
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